About us

Our History

The Phambili Initiative NPC was founded in 2017 by Jonathan Banza and Emmanuel Mangalibi, two high school graduates with the desire to "Pay it forward" as well as to address the high first year university drop-out rate through mentorship, in a community and school that gave them much.

The founders were inspired to address the high first year university drop-out rate and related issues such as lack of information and guidance, lack of motivation, poor citizenship and lack of support through mentorship.

The first cohort of the Phambili Initiative consisted of 15 matriculants from Overport Secondary School. These 15 learners were connected to accountable university level mentors, who were pursuing a similar course that the grade 12 learners wished to pursue in university. Twelve of the 15 learners gained acceptance into university, have reached their 3rd year of studies, and 10 of them came back to serve as members of the Phambili Initiative core team.

2017 Logo

Our Values

The values of the Phambili Initiative are:

  • Integrity - We ensure that our words meet our actions.

  • Paying it forward - We believe in social responsibility. Using the opportunities you have been granted to empower others.

  • Education - we believe in a high class education system for all who reside in The Republic of South Africa.

  • Innovation - like true entrepreneurs we don't just solve problems but we are out to revolutionise the entire industry.

  • Practicality - Work ethic, effectiveness and impact before stereotypes, emotions and social pressures.

The Legacy

Leading the movement of social responsibility.

Through addressing the need identified, the Phambili Initiative seeks to create a sustainable cycle of mentorship and paying it forward;

  • Mentees who have completed our mentorship program returning to their previous school, and serving as mentors to grade 12 learners, just as they themselves were given access to role models,

  • Thus providing positive role models who relate to their struggles, so as to ultimately develop a generation of active citizens who become positively contributing members of society.


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